Residential Tax Loans

Don’t let your delinquent property taxes build up and risk foreclosure

Have you become late with your property tax payments? At RETax Funding we understand that sometimes property tax payments to the county can be inconvenient and you may not being able to pay them on time. The truth is, thousands of Texans find themselves in the same situation each year and rely on a property tax loan to ease the burden.

A tax loan can help.

A tax loan will halt all increasing county fees and avoid the possibility of foreclosure. We will pay your tax debt and penalties so you can have peace of mind.

Avoiding payment is not a solution.

Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the country. On top of that some counties can add an additional 47% of your taxes due onto your tax bill in the form of fees and penalties. To make matters worse, your property can be foreclosed by the county if you don’t pay. Don’t let the lawyers take possession of your home, get a property tax loan today!

Curious how it works? It’s simple!

Speak With a Licensed Loan Officer

Call us at (866) 267-5194 or fill out the quick application and a Loan Officer will contact you quickly.

Create a Payment Plan and Review Terms

Our Loan Officers will review your payment options and come up with a plan that suits your repayment needs.

Sign Documents via a Safe Mobile Notary

A Covid-19 safe mobile notary will be dispatched for you to sign in the convenience of your business.

Loan Funds and County Gets Paid

Once the loan funds, the county gets payment and your tax are paid, this halting any further taxes and fees.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today and we will get you a quick and no obligation quote in order to get your taxes paid and your account up to date with the county.