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Commercial Property Tax Loans for Texas Business Owners

Avoid paying the penalties, interest and fees that can add up to 47% in the first year!

RETax Funding can pay your commercial property taxes directly to the county so you can avoid the costly penalties, fees and time spent dealing with late taxes.

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Keep the Delinquent Taxes and Fees from Increasing Month After Month

Your tax’s fees and penalties shouldn’t be going up faster than your revenues. Texas commercial property taxes increase at an alarming rate once they go unpaid, usually up as much as 47% in the first year.

 Put an end to the increasing costs of delinquent taxes by getting a loan from Texas’ leading commercial property tax lender, RETax Funding. We have helped thousands of business owners like you manage their annual property tax bills and have saved them money year after year.

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The loan officers have been professional and always did everything they said they were in a timely manner, answered any questions making sure we understood everything. I have been with them 4 years and trust them with my business.

– Pete G.

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