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The process is simple:

  1. Speak with a loan officer to collect your business and tax information
  2. Setup a simple to follow repayment plan that suits your business needs
  3. Get approval for the loan funding
  4. Sign all documents via a Covid-19 safe signing procedure
  5. Close the loan and we pay your property taxes to the county

Is my property eligible?

Most commercial properties are eligible for a commercial property tax loan. We can provide tax loans on properties such as:

  • office buildings
  • restaurants
  • development tracts
  • ground leases
  • movie theaters
  • strip centers
  • retail stores
  • apartments
  • hotels
  • industrial plants

  • industrial plants
  • warehouses
  • gas stations
  • call for more…

Fill out the form below or call us if direct to get faster service or for any questions about the process, (866) 267-5194

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